About us

3d Partnership is a Furniture and Lighting Agency covering the UK and selling to the retail and contract trade mainly in the interiors sector. We work from a sales office just south of Manchester which is staffed Monday to Friday complimented by a sales team on the road visiting customers.

3d Partnership grew out of the hard work and efforts of Tim Dowse Agencies. Tim started his career in furniture with a well known South Wales retailer and whilst there worked in all disciplines. An opportunity presented itself for him to become a furniture agent, a challenge greatly accepted and from which he never looked back.

3d Partnership was formed when Tim teamed up with sons Jonathan and Andrew some 14 and 12 years ago respectively.

3d Partnership has built a strong customer base and great industry knowledge over the years across a broad spectrum of styles and price points. We are very proud to be where we are and look forward to further growth through the continued drive and enthusiasm for furniture that is inherent within our family and company.

We have been working with 3d partnership for more than 15 years. Excellent support in developing the business and proactive attitude in helping dealers and suppliers. We enjoy our business relationship with them every day

Alessandro Hibel | Bontempi export manager

nicest lads in the industry

Lee | Scossa
3D Partnership On Trend


We visit many international exhibitions ensuring we walk every isle.  We engage with design content through social media and strive to spot the zeitgeist.  We subscribe to many interiors magazines and newsfeeds.  We keep our ear to the ground and regularly consult our customers to find out what’s desired in the market.  We aim to be current and relevant with an eye on the future.

3D Partnership Reliable


We don’t exist to make a quick sale.  We recognise ongoing repeat business as the most important we have.  We service customers through a dedicated customer service department.  We travel throughout the Uk regularly visiting existing customers making sure to update with relevant information.  We thoroughly train sales teams.  We are always at the end of a phone if needed.

3D Partnership Quality


We have our place in the market and we don’t want to loose it.  We don’t take agencies short term.  We visit every factory we represent several times each year.  We engage fully with their business and have a full understanding of their consistency, their supply base and their aspirations in the Uk market prior to bringing to market.