Founded in the early 60’s by brothers Sandro and Giancarlo, Bontempi has had a long and sucessful business selling metal furniture all over the globe.  Through strong foundations in the Italian market the company has gone on to be one of the leading lights in contemporary, Italian cabinet furniture in the world.  The brand is instantly recognisable through the core values of style, sophistication and innovative materials that run throught the entire collection.

We operate two catalogues in the Uk – Bontempi Casa and Ingenia.  The Bontempi collection contains approx 60 chairs, 40 tables and a complete occassional collection with some sideboards.  All items are available in a rich variety of colours and finish materials.  Ingenia has around 20 chairs plus 10 tables and is targeted at a more price concious consumer.

Bontempi launch new product regularly.  We look for new finishes that compliment the trends in the market and complete new designs.  The key event throughout the year is Milan furniture show in April.

The company mission statement is – To constantly expand the value of products through the ongoing upgrading of quality and competitiveness, that is the strategic goal of a company which places consumers and their requirements at the heart of their industrial project.