MWA Aktuell

MWA Aktuell is a business with heritage.  Currently run by 3rd generation brother and sister duo Paul and Maria Wetzlar, the business was founded by the grandfather of Paul in 1974.  MWA Aktuell started life in Ankum in North East Germany.  MWA means Mobel-Wetzlar-Ankum or in english, Furniture-Wetzlar-Ankum.  MWA Aktuell specialise in the production and distribution of quality, contemporary tables and chairs with a specialism towards systems allowing customers to choose the right items for their needs.  This may be in terms of size, finish or material.  This is very different from where it all started when Grandfather Wetzlar was producing rustic pine furniture soley for the German market.

MWA Aktuell now export to the Uk, Scandanavia and many central Eurpoean countries.  We have many opportuties to launch new product over the year with the key focus being our house fair at the begining of September.